Signs You Should Fire Your Grand Rapids Property Management Company

If you’re wondering whether you should fire your property management company, don’t worry. The property management company will probably fire you first. Neither party is served when something isn’t working out. Most Grand Rapids property management companies are professionals who enjoy the work they do. They aren’t going to want to hang onto an owner who is having or causing problems. Property managers are often as selective about the owners they work with as they are about the tenants they approve. There are exceptions, of course. New companies will take on everything when they’re just getting started.

It’s acceptable for owners to look for another management company when they’re not satisfied with the service they’re receiving. Make sure you’re honest with your new property management company about why you fired the last one. This will ensure you don’t run into the same problems again. When you talk to a new property manager, they first thing they will likely do is call up your previous property manager to find out what happened. This industry is tight and close, so those types of relationships are in place.

Finding a company that’s a good fit is very important for you, your property and your property manager. If you decide to fire your property management company because they don’t respond to all 17 of your calls in one day, you’ll likely have a problem finding a property manager you can be satisfied with. No one will be willing to talk to you 17 times a day. Get to know how a company operates so you know what to expect.

Fire your property manager any time you aren’t happy with the service, and make sure the management company is honest with you about the service they are willing to provide. You’ll know when you’re not a good fit.

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