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United Properties of West Michigan is the solution to all of your Muskegon property management challenges. We offer expert investment advice and residential leasing, management, and maintenance best practices. Leverage our systems and our support. This is what we do best.

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Property Management in Muskegon Capable of Bringing in Higher Rents While Reducing Risk

It starts with local expertise. At United Properties of West Michigan, we know the Muskegon rental market. We know the tenant who are looking for homes, we understand what the competing properties have to offer, and we know where rental values have to fall in order to keep your investment occupied and profitable. That local expertise is supported by industry leadership that delivers the best practices in leasing, marketing, screening, rent collection, lease enforcement, maintenance, and tenant retention.

When you partner with us, you get all of that plus a commitment to customer service and innovative technology that automates a lot of what we do, allowing us to focus on client and resident satisfaction.

It doesn’t matter if you’re renting out one property or an entire portfolio, or whether you’re investing for the first time or growing a steady business. We’re ready to work with you.


Let’s Find Out How Much Rent You Should Be Earning on Your Muskegon Rental

Are you pricing your property correctly?

It’s important to know, because a price that’s accurate and competitive will ensure you get a good tenant placed quickly. You don’t want to suffer through a frustrating and expensive vacancy period.

You also don’t want to leave money on the table. We’re always surprised when we stumble across a rental home that’s listed way below market.

Put our local market knowledge and our detailed data to work for you, whether you’re pricing your property for the first time or making decisions about a renewal rate. We can help. And, it’s free!

Let’s Have a Better and More Profitable Muskegon Rental Experience

Our property management plans are customized to meet the needs of your property. Maybe that means a leasing-only service where we find you the perfect tenant. Maybe it’s full-service management so you don’t have to spend your time finding the right tenants and following fair housing laws. Maybe you want some investment advice and direction as you’re growing your portfolio. Whatever you need – we’re here for it, and we’ll deliver better results.

Placing Tenants

Successful rental experiences begin with a reliable, well-qualified tenant who pays rent on time, takes care of your property, and commits to the terms of your lease agreement. We identify, place, and retain these tenants with strategic marketing initiatives, careful tenant screening, and a respectful and professional relationship that balances accountability with service.

Our screening process looks at all the usual benchmarks. We evaluate credit and income. We verify rental history and employment. We’re compliant with all fair housing laws. What’s important isn’t necessarily our high standards, but our commitment to keeping tenants in place. Avoiding turnover and vacancy leads to a more profitable investment.

Detailed Management

Once we have a tenant in place, we take on all the details that go into the effective management of your Muskegon investment property. This includes rent collection, lease enforcement, accounting, tenant communication, and inspections. We work hard to protect your property and to protect you against liability and risk. We know the state and federal rental laws. We stay one step ahead of deferred maintenance, taking a proactive approach and working with licensed and insured vendors.

At United Properties of West Michigan, we have consistent and proven processes in place. But, we’re also flexible. Sometimes a problem pops up that needs a creative solution. And, we’re ready.

Increasing Revenue

Smart investors are looking for something more than tenant placement, rent collection, and maintenance responses when they partner with a Muskegon property manager. They want to know their investment is earning money, remaining attractive to tenants, and improving in value.

That’s where our investment background helps. We make sure that your property is consistently earning money, both through rents and its increasing value. Whether it’s recommending updates and improvements or focusing on tenant retention that can save you thousands of dollars in turnover costs, we’re always looking for ways to save you money. You’ll see it, too, in your online portal where we track every dollar that’s earned and spent.


Property Management Pricing

We provide value and we believe in simplicity.

Standard Fee

8% /Month

Flat Rate

$109 /Monthly

We Also Offer Placement Only

Supporting Rental Property Owners and Investors in Muskegon

At United Properties of West Michigan, our priority is you and your property. When you’re ready to have a Muskegon property management experience that involves higher earnings, less stress, and more peace of mind, get in touch with our talented team. We’ve been committed to a higher standard of service and management for years, and we love working with rental property owners who have big goals and great ideas.

Contact us today.

About Muskegon, MI — The Gem of the Great Lakes

Nestled on the western lakeshore of Michigan, Muskegon blends natural beauty with a lively urban atmosphere. Known for its Pere Marquette Beach, Muskegon offers a mix of relaxation and adventure that makes it a sought-after destination for residents and visitors.

The rapidly growing downtown district offers diverse cuisine options and a thriving arts scene, including the Culinary Institute of Muskegon and the Muskegon Arts Museum. Many festivals and activities are also hosted in Muskegon, including the Irish Music Festival, Taste of Michigan, Lakeshore Art Festival, and Burning Foot Beach Festival. Each event adds to the dynamic and welcoming spirit of Muskegon.

With its scenic lakeshores, bustling downtown, and a plethora of amenities, Muskegon provides an exceptional living experience. Whether you’re drawn by its natural charm or local culture, Muskegon continues to captivate homeowners and investors alike.


Doing More for Our Clients and Customers

I moved to Michigan from Nevada and they were the only property management group who worked with us to look at homes via video calls and recorded video. Courtney really helped keep us in the loop and constantly updated me on any questions I had and went out of her way to make sure we got the place we wanted once we arrived in Michigan. Dee was also extremely helpful and went to any house we asked her to and helped us view the homes at times that were convenient to us with a 3 hour time difference. Loved them and am excited to continue working with them!

Tanya Toribio

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Professional and Knowledgeable

“The maintenance team has helped us immensely and have all been wonderful to work with. Our oven stopped working yesterday and the team had it replaced in less than 24 hours. Saved Thanksgiving! We have lived here for over 3 years and the entire team has been amazing. Big shout out to Enrique, Diego, Ethan and Russ! We appreciate you all!”
Nic Hern

United Properties was always responsive to maintenance requests and a pleasure to interact with. I would recommend them for any rental property.

Chad Wrisley

I am an investor, and I have always had a great experience with United property management. Thank you UPM

Myra Jeter

Any time something needs to be fixed or looked at Ethan with maintenance is ALWAYS the biggest help! Thank you again!

Adrienna Bonter

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Any time something needs to be fixed or looked at Ethan with maintenance is ALWAYS the biggest help! Thank you again!
Adrienna Bonter

I am an investor, and I have always had a great experience with United property management. Thank you UPM
Myra Jeter

United Properties was always responsive to maintenance requests and a pleasure to interact with. I would recommend them for any rental property.
Chad Wrisley

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