Eviction Protection

Eviction Protection Program (EPP) offered by United Properties of West Michigan

Uninterrupted cash flow is one of our top priorities; United Properties is proud to to offer the the “Eviction Protection Program” (EPP). This program was developed in response to concerns expressed by our owners/clients over the rising costs of evictions.
As the leader in full service residential property management, United Properties makes every effort possible to screen our tenants and go the extra mile to avoid potential problems, it is inevitable that some renters will just have to be evicted for one reason or another.
If you are enrolled in the EPP, United Properties will assume the up-front financial burden of the eviction as a company expense, not to be charged to the owner like other property management companies.

This cost effective program protects owners from the high cost and the time consuming headaches that come with evicting a tenant. For a small monthly fee of only $8.00 per month per unit, our EPP will cover the cost of virtually all evictions. This could save you between $200.00-$400.00 or more. The only part of an eviction that is not covered is a jury trial. If that would ever become necessary, we will let you know and try to negotiate a favorable settlement on your behalf.
By enrolling in the EPP, security deposits can be preserved and applied directly to any lost rent, damages, and/or any other fees you are entitled to recover from the tenant as you would expect–United Properties pays for your eviction in full.

Fees Covered Include:

  • arrow Administrative costs to prepare and send 7 day notices
  • arrow Accumulation of all necessary documents to send to the attorney
  • arrow Court filing fee for eviction
  • arrow Court officer serving fee per defendant
  • arrow Original attorney fee
  • arrow Filing fee for writ of possession
  • arrow Writ of possession
  • arrow Court officer service fee for write of possession
  • arrow Writ of execution
  • arrow Court officer service fee to monitor that the eviction is done properly on the actual day of eviction

NOTE: If the property is currently rented/occupied when the management agreement is signed then this program will not become effective until the start of the seventh month of United Properties being your rental property manager.