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Pet Policy


Before applying, please verify that the property you are interested in accepts pets. This can be found under the “More Details” section of the listing. If a property accepts pets, the following criteria and requirements will apply. It is very important to know that your application with a pet is placed on hold until you complete the Pet Screening application process.

1. Applicants must complete a Pet Screening profile for their pet and have the pet approved.
2. For properties allowing pets, additional monthly rent may be charged according to the FIDO score given to the pet.

  • 5 paws – $35/pet
  • 4 paws – $45/pet
  • 3 paws – $55/pet
  • 2 paws – $65/pet
  • 1 paw – $85/pet
  • 0 paw – restricted breed / exceed weight limit – pet not allowed

3. Applicants must pay a non-refundable pet fee equal to $300 for one pet, and then an additional $150 for each additional pet.
4. Applicants must pay an annual non-refundable $50 pet inspection fee.
5. Applicants must not own more than two pets.
6. Applicants must accept the terms of a pet addendum to their lease.
7. No aggressive breeds of dogs are permitted, including but not limited to: Akita, American Staff Terrier, Boxer, Bull Staff, Chow Terrier, Doberman/Doberman Pincher, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Husky, Mastiff, Pit Bull/Any bull terrier, Presa Canario/Canary dog, Rottweiler, Wolf/dog hybrid, or a mix including any of the above.
8. No dogs weighing 75 pounds or more are accepted.

Additional Information:

Apply Online

To view the application process and fill out an application click here.

Expected Move-In Costs

The following are the expected move-in costs:

  • $100 Administration Fee ($200 if a 30-Day Holding Fee Receipt was signed)
  • Security Deposit (equal to 1 month’s rent if credit score is a 640 or above. If not, security deposit will be equal to 1.5 month’s rent)
  • Pro-rated Rent (+full following month’s full rent if moving on the 25th-31st of any month)
  • Pet Fee (if applicable)
  • Pet Rent (if applicable)

Cosigner Requirements

The cosigner qualifications are:

  • At least a 640 credit score
  • Lives in the state of Michigan
  • Makes three times the amount of rent as gross income per month

If cosigner applicant has at least a 720 credit, that is all they need to qualify.

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