Property Management Pricing & Services

Standard Fee

Flat Rate

Placement Only

Monthly Management Fee 8% Monthly
Management Fee
Management Fee
Tenant Placement Fee 65% of 1 Month's Rent 65% of 1 Month's Rent 100% of 1 Month's Rent*
Lease Renewal Fee $250 $250 N/A
Rent Assessment N N N
Marketing the Property N N N
Finding Tenants N N N
Tenant Screening N N N
Pet Screening N N N
Full Legal Compliance N N N
Property Maintenance N N M
Rent Payment and Collections N N M
Eviction Process Handling N N M
Property Accounting and Reporting N N M
Owner and Tenant Portals N N M
Filter Replacement Program N N M
Pet Guarantee N N M
Maintenance Guarantee N N M
Leasing Guarantee N N M
Enhanced Marketing M M M
Property Inspections M M M
Eviction Shield M M M
Rent Shield M M M
Lease Renewal Included M M M

*Maximum fee of $1,500
1Owners with 15 or more units are eligible for a 1% discount

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Any time something needs to be fixed or looked at Ethan with maintenance is ALWAYS the biggest help! Thank you again!
Adrienna Bonter

I am an investor, and I have always had a great experience with United property management. Thank you UPM
Myra Jeter

United Properties was always responsive to maintenance requests and a pleasure to interact with. I would recommend them for any rental property.
Chad Wrisley

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