Best Practices When Inspecting your Grand Rapids Rental Home


The topic today is property inspections, and how to inspect your home before you put it on the rental market.

When you’re looking to put your house up for rent, make sure it meets all local housing standards. The best thing you can do is to get a copy of the International Housing Code. Go through that book and make sure your home meets all the standards. If it’s a well kept house, there will be very little you have to update. Next, call the city and find out if there are additional housing codes that are separate from what you find in the International Housing Code. If you do that with your house, you’ll be able to inspect your home properly.

Grand Rapids Property managers have knowledge that most individual owners do not. They understand the intricacies that the city looks for with rental properties. For example, if you buy a house that was built over 25 years ago, it may not have hard wired smoke detectors. Housing codes will require a smoke detector in each bedroom and outside each bedroom and in the basement. Now, lithium tamper proof smoke detectors are required. So instead of replacing the battery, you replace entire detector. Another new regulation is that you can’t use a stick to hold a window open. This can be costly in old houses with weights in the windows. You’ll need to replace those windows or fix them so they can stay open.

These are the types of small things that people don’t always understand when conducting inspections. Property managers can help you. Many companies will provide a walk-through of your property as a free service. Take advantage of that. A professional property manager can inspect the home with you and show you what needs to be done. If you decide to hire a management company, choose one with a comprehensive inspection process. Look for a program that includes the careful checking of every system, surface, screen, outlet and window. They should be able to provide you with a line item checklist so you know what they’re inspecting. This is something that a departmental property management company is very good at. They will have the resources to do a thorough inspection of your rental home before anyone moves in.

If you have any questions, or you’re interested in a walk-through on an inspection, please contact us at Untied Properties and we’d be happy to help you.