Tim VandenToorn

About Tim VandenToorn


Managing Partner

Tim VandenToorn serves as Managing Partner of United Properties of West Michigan, working closely with our owners and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company.  Tim also started United Realty, which serves as a brokerage for United Properties and assists investors with the acquisition of investment properties.

Tim has been an active Real Estate investor since 2011, after leaving a career in law enforcement.  Starting with $30,000 in savings and a Roth IRA, Tim has personally grown his portfolio from one multi-unit property to a portfolio worth well over a million dollars in under 4 years. Tim is eager to share his knowledge and experience with investors looking to purchase in the Grand Rapids market. Today, we find ourselves in one of the most exciting times of economic growth, and although in 2017 he thought he would take a break from purchasing investment properties, Tim found it hard to sit by the sidelines, and established growth goals far beyond the previous years.

When starting with United Properties, Tim started at an entry-level position handling maintenance calls.  In that role, he was able to gain valuable experience in resolving maintenance issues, gaining a great understanding of the properties and the requirements of the City of Grand Rapids code compliance.  From there, he began handling leasing, maintenance, and now primarily works with new owners and the brokerage.

Currently, United Properties manages properties for owners in 9 different countries, helps owners succeed, and has been featured in Forbes.  If you have questions or are looking for an investment property, Tim will be eager to share his experience and knowledge with you