If your tenant has submitted a 30-day notice, you’ll need to know what to expect now that you have an upcoming vacancy. As you know, the longer your vacancy goes, the more money you lose. It’s important to implement a turnover process that gets the property ready for the rental market.

Managing the Turnover Process Quickly and Efficiently

Your vacancy means no income. This is the most expensive part of owning a Grand Rapids rental property. Not only will you be losing money every day by not having a tenant; you will also have to make some improvements before you re-rent your home. There’s a sense of urgency to this process, and we have a system to get the work done quickly. If you elect to handle your own turnover, we want to make sure you understand what is expected.

We understand why owners would want to handle the turnover themselves. They can be expensive and if you’re available and interested in doing your own work, you can see this as an opportunity. You’ll also be able to inspect, repair, and improve your own asset. However, consider the speed and the resources that can be provided by a management company.

Inspecting the Rental Property

At United Properties of West Michigan, we have a consistent process that we follow for every property turnover. Once the tenant vacates, our team goes to the property within 24 hours to change the locks and to develop a list of damages to bill to the previous tenant’s security deposit.

We will also complete a rent-ready inspection. You’ll receive an inspection report that you can use as a guide to complete the required repairs. We will include suggested upgrades as well. We conduct an exhaustive inspection in which pest monitors are placed, plumbing fixtures are checked, and outlets, light bulbs, and smoke alarms are also tested.

Our tenants understand our move-out standards, and they are expected to leave the property clean and functional – in the same condition that it was when they moved in. Knowing all these expectations eliminates maintenance problems and security deposit disputes upon move out.

The time that this inspection takes depends on the quality and the condition of your unit. We’ll insist on conducting this inspection even if you are completing your own rent-ready process. It gives you a guide to work off of and also allows us to document the condition of your property.

Marketing the Rental Property

When we handle the turnover process for our owners, we also take care of all the marketing. When owners handle their own rent-ready process, we will not be able to do any pre-marketing of your property. This isn’t to penalize you, it’s simply been impossible to manage after many years of trying to make it work.

If we cannot control the timeline or the tenant expectations, we don’t want to market the home prematurely. For instance, if we were to market the property prior to a move-out and the new tenant requested a move-in date one week after vacancy, we cannot be sure that the property will be ready. It has been our experience that most owners are unable to turn a property that quickly. Painting and floor replacement often require owners to solicit outside vendors, and this puts us in a precarious position when we have a signed lease for the unit and it’s not ready for occupancy.

Professionally Cleaning the Rental Property

Once you are completed with your repair work, you will be required to have the unit professionally cleaned. This includes the carpets. Sometimes, owners like to skimp on the cleaning, but it’s critically important because it creates a tenant’s first impression of the home. You wouldn’t sleep in a dirty hotel room, and tenants won’t want to move into a dirty home.

After cleaning is completed, we will schedule a walk-through to confirm that the unit is ready to rent. This is a free service unless the owner completely disregarded our list or didn’t complete the necessary repairs. If all items are completed, we will schedule professional pictures and begin our marketing.

Professionally Cleaning the Rental PropertyWe look forward to working with you through this process. If you have any questions about how to prepare your property for the rental market, please contact us at United Properties of West Michigan.