Preventative Maintenance 101 – How to Get the Most Out of Your Grand Rapids Home


Putting off general maintenance in your rental home is a huge mistake, and it’s an error that a lot of new landlords make because they want to save money. When you don’t pay attention to preventative maintenance, you’re actually going to end up spending a lot more. Small problems become big problems very quickly, the price tags can double and triple the longer you wait to make a repair.

Regular Inspections

A Grand Rapids property manager should conduct regular inspections of your home to make sure there isn’t any preventative maintenance needed. This will include checking all the home’s systems and appliances, looking at the roof for signs of wear and damage and making sure there aren’t any leaks under the sinks or in the tubs. If problems are discovered, take care of them right away. The tenants will appreciate your attention to these issues and your home will not deteriorate and lose value.

Professional Servicing

In addition to regular inspections, you need to have some of the things in your property serviced on a regular basis. The heating and cooling unit, for example, needs to be checked by a licensed contractor every few years. Your gutters should be cleaned out semi-annually as well and there are seasonal things that will need to be done every winter and summer. You don’t want to skimp on these service appointments. It’s a good opportunity to know that your house is in great shape, and if there’s something that needs attention, you can resolve the issue before it grows into a disaster.

Habitable Conditions

Habitable ConditionsIt’s important that your rental property complies with all city codes and is considered habitable for your tenants. Attention to preventative maintenance will ensure that it is. Be sure to do a thorough inspection between tenants and if your tenant calls with a repair request, evaluate whether it’s an emergency or something that can be scheduled, and get a vendor out there as soon as possible.

Preventative maintenance will preserve the life and value of your investment property. If you have any questions about how to stay on top of maintenance and repairs, please contact us at United Properties of West Michigan.