Investing in Grand Rapids Rental Real Estate

A profitable investment experience begins with the right rental property. If you’re planning to invest in the Grand Rapids real estate market, you’re making a good decision. It’s an ideal market for local and out-of-state investors, and you’ll find the returns and the rental income you’re looking for.

But you have to do it right. Whether you’re seeking out your first investment property or adding units to a growing portfolio, get some expert help at the start of the process. At United Properties of Western Michigan, we can help you make good decisions.

We’ll make sure your Grand Rapids rental property investment moves you closer to your investment goals.

Explore What We Do as Your Reliable Property Managers in Grand Rapids

We specialize in Grand Rapids rental property investments that align with your investment goals. With our expertise in the local market, we assist in property search, analysis, and acquisition, ensuring a smooth transaction. Our property management services help maximize profitability while reducing your workload. We monitor the performance of your investments, offer growth opportunities, and strive to bring you closer to your financial objectives.

Helping You Grow Your Profitability with Grand Rapids Real Estate

Why should you invest in Grand Rapids?

The local real estate market is competitive and moving quickly. It also offers a lot of terrific opportunities for investors who may feel priced out of larger markets on the coasts or in cities like Chicago and Dallas. You can find more value here for the money you spend. Grand Rapids offers investors:

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– Strong local economy

– Stable and qualified tenant pool

– Rising rental values

– Appreciation

– Cash flow

The tenant base is growing with the population, which has increased by 2.6 percent since 2019. Savvy investors know that good tenants lead to higher profits. Those qualified tenants are looking for well-maintained homes in desirable neighborhoods.

We can help you find those.

Partner with our United Properties of Western Michigan team before you buy your Grand Rapids rental property investment. We’ll evaluate its functionality and let you know what type of rent you can expect to earn, whether any repairs or renovations will be needed to help the home rent faster and for more money, and what you can expect in terms of ongoing and preventative maintenance.

Where to Find Your Next Grand Rapids Rental Property Investment

Once you know you want to invest, we’ll help you find the right opportunity in the best neighborhood.

Recently, two specific Grand Rapids neighborhoods have been consistently listed as part of the top 10 neighborhoods in the country. Redfin lists them as among the most competitive. These are Alger Heights and Creston.

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In Alger Heights, you’ll attract tenants who enjoy living in a walkable neighborhood where restaurants and shops are minutes away from home. Properties are rarely on the market for more than a week.

Creston is a beautifully landscaped residential community with well-landscaped yards, wide sidewalks, and an inventory of single-family homes that are not priced out of reach.

You need to know your Grand Rapids neighborhoods. When you’re ready to invest, make sure you’ve talked to local experts and property managers to understand how those areas are performing and why well-qualified tenants will want to live there.

We’ve also been talking to investors about the strength of neighborhoods like East Hills, Millbrook, and Cherry Run.

We have the data and the local experience that will be instrumental in matching you to the property that best fits your investment goals.


Local Expetise on Where to Invest in Grand Rapids

When you’re looking to invest in Grand Rapids, keep in mind that the market is currently hot, which means working alongside a professional property manager will help you identify and close the best deals. Home values have increased by more than 10 percent over the last year, and those values are expected to continue going up. Rents are also rising, ensuring steady cash flow and consistent income.

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We work in all the top neighborhoods that we recommend to investors, including Creston, Alger Heights, and these:

– Ottawa Hills – Eastgate – Eastown – East Hills – Fulton Heights – South Hill – Cherry Run – Millbrook

Need A Free Rental Analysis?

Most Grand Rapids investors aren’t sure how much value their rental property holds. We know how to correctly price your property to ensure it rents quickly to a great tenant and earns you as much income as possible.

Before investing, talk to United Properties of Western Michigan to know what you’ll earn.

United Properties of West Michigan LLC Performance Award

Professional and Knowledgeable

“I moved to Michigan from Nevada and they were the only property management group who worked with us to look at homes via video calls and recorded video. Courtney really helped keep us in the loop and constantly updated me on any questions I had and went out of her way to make sure we got the place we wanted once we arrived in Michigan. Dee was also extremely helpful and went to any house we asked her to and helped us view the homes at times that were convenient to us with a 3 hour time difference. Loved them and am excited to continue working with them!”

Tanya Toribio

“They manage all of our rentals and do an amazing job! They do a great job at screening applicants to make sure we don’t have evictions. All of the staff is extremely nice and easy to work with. All of our investor’s clients highly approve of them as well. They will continue to get our business. Keep up the great work guys!”

Brittany Thomas

Choose the Best Price For Your Grand Rapids Property Management Needs

Whether you need placement only or full-service management, we can help.

We Also Offer Placement Only

About Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is a thriving city located on the Grand River, approximately 25 miles east of Lake Michigan. The city is nicknamed the “Furniture City” based on its historic furniture-manufacturing center. Grand Rapids is also home to Floyd Mayweather, Al Green, President Gerald R. Ford, and Betty Ford. There are a variety of festivals and events for residents and visitors, the largest being the Art Prize which occurs every year at the end of September and into the first part of October. A couple of other popular events are the Fourth of July Celebration and the Festival of the Arts. In 2013 Forbes Magazine announced that Grand Rapids was voted the best city to raise a family in, and the second best city to live in, making it one of the best cities to invest in.

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