Maximizing ROI for Investors and Owners in Grand Rapids

United Properties of West Michigan delivers higher rents, cost-effective maintenance solutions, and strategies for increasing the value of your investment property in Grand Rapids. Leverage our industry expertise and local market knowledge to maximize ROI.

We’re Helping You Earn More Money
On Your Grand Rapids Investment Property

There’s more than one way to grow a real estate investment portfolio. Yes, you can acquire new properties. You can also look for ways to earn more from the properties you currently own. Whether you’re renting out one home or an entire portfolio of units, we can help you increase your income, decrease your costs, and enjoy a more profitable investment experience.

Let’s get started.

Increasing Grand Rapids Rents

Controlling Repair and Maintenance Costs


Reducing Vacancy and Turnover

The Power of a Profitable Rental Value

The higher the rent you set, the more money you make, right?


There’s danger, however, in pricing your Grand Rapids rental property too high. When you’re over the market prices, you’ll find yourself with a longer vacancy period. That’s lost income. When you raise your rents too high during renewal periods, your tenants move out. That’s a big turnover cost.

We price for profitability. We price to be competitive. We make sure your rental value earns you the highest possible recurring rents without sacrificing stability and long term growth potential.


Upgrades and Updates

One of the fastest and most effective ways to increase what you earn and maximize your ROI is to make some cost-effective renovations at your rental property. You need to keep up with what tenants are demanding when they look for a new home. You need to stand out in a competitive rental market.

We’ll work with you to decide which improvements make sense. Our team understands what can be done to increase rental amounts, attract and retain tenants, and fill a vacancy quickly.

Tenant Retention

Avoiding vacancy is a priority at United Properties of West Michigan. We know that the best way to avoid a vacancy is to keep the good tenants you currently have in place.

Our tenant retention plans work. With fewer turnovers, you’re spending less money on cosmetic repairs, minor fixes, and marketing. You’re increasing ROI with every lease renewal.

Excellent tenant relationships and reasonable rental increases allow us to keep your residents and increase your earnings.

Preventative Maintenance

Maybe it seems counter-intuitive; that spending money on maintenance can help you increase your return on investment.

By focusing your resources on preventative maintenance, we’re able to avoid those expensive emergency repairs. There’s no risk of deferred maintenance or unreported repair needs.

We don’t like surprises. You don’t like surprise expenses. We keep them to a minimum, protecting your property and your money.

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