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Application Process and Disclosure

As a prospective resident, you will be treated with honesty and integrity throughout the application process. Your personal information will be treated with confidentiality and the security that it deserves.

1 – Before applying please review our full screening criteria, click herePlease also download a copy of our Rental Application Fee Disclosure Statement. If you believe you will not pass the screening criteria, we recommend that you DO NOT complete the application and pay the application fee.

2 – Each adult (18 or over) who will occupy the property must complete an application and pay the screening fee of $45.

3 – The SCREENING FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE. The screening fee is $45.00 and must be paid with either a credit or debit card or checking account and routing number. We do not have the option of a hard copy (paper) application, as all applications must be submitted online. The screening fee must be paid at the time of application submittal. We will not process an application if the screening fee is not received.

The following is an itemized explanation for the disposition and use of the application fee:

AmRent (Criminal, Credit, and Cross ID Check): $12.40

Online Application Software: $7.95

Office Administration (rental history check and income verification): $24.65

4Once at least one application from the household has been submitted, the applicant is eligible to place a holding fee on the property. Any prospect who requires subsidy, section 8, or similar housing voucher program approval of a unit will need to have the unit approved by that organization prior to placing a holding fee to secure a unit. NOTE: Our available properties are marketed until a prospective resident places a holding fee on the property and a holding fee receipt has been signed.

You may pay the holding fee after at least one person from your household applies or after your application is approved; however, the property will be leased to the first approved applicant resident who pays the holding fee and has signed the holding fee receipt. The holding fee is equal to one month’s rent and is applied towards the security deposit upon signing a lease. A holding fee receipt will be sent to you after the payment is processed and it will need to be electronically signed. Once you have electronically signed, the property will be unlisted.

All applications (with requested information and documentation) including roommates and co-signers must be submitted within 24 hours of paying the holding fee. The property will be held for 14 days after the holding fee is paid and the lease must be signed within that timeframe. The move-in date must be within 14 days of the holding fee being received unless the unit is not available within that given timeframe. If you need to reserve the home for longer than 14 days, you may do so by requesting a 30-day Holding Fee Receipt, this will add an additional $100 to the administration fee at move-in for a total administration fee of $200. In these cases, the move-in date must be within 30 days. The holding fee is non-refundable after one business day from the time received, unless the applicant is denied or it is verified that you submitted false information during the application process.

5 – A complete application consists of ALL of the following:

  • Application form
  • Terms and Conditions Acknowledgement
  • Release of Information Authorization Form signed electronically (needed to obtain landlord verifications)
  • Disclosure Statement signed electronically
  • Copy of a Government-Issued Photo ID

Documentation of your current income, including:

  • Your most recent pay-stub or an employment offer letter (to document income from employment);
  • Your most recent tax return form 1040 and Schedule C or SE, if applicable (to document income from self-employment or other cash income);
  • A benefits letter (to document income from social security/disability/other public assistance);
  • A recent statement from the Friend of the Court (to document income from child support and/or alimony);
  • Bank statements (to document income not otherwise listed here)
  • Color photo(s) of pet(s), if applicable

6 – Once your complete application is received, we will verify that you meet the screening criteria. A full credit, criminal, ID cross check and landlord verification will be completed within three business days. We will promptly notify you once your application is either approved or denied.

The following is the third party utilized for the screening process:


250 E Broad St

Columbus, OH 43215


The applicant has the right to request any paperwork or copies of electronic correspondence generated as a result of the screening process.

Within thirty (30) days of receipt of a denial, the applicant may, if he or she believes this ordinance has been violated, file a written complaint with the City Manager or the City Manager’s Designee, addressed to City Manager, City of Grand Rapids, 300 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503, 6th Floor, Attention: Rental Application Fee Ordinance Complaint.

Thank you for your interest in our properties and we look forward to working with you! If you have specific questions about our application process please email

Additional Information:


1. For properties allowing pets, pet rent may be charged as follows: $50 for a dog, $50 for a cat, and $50 for any 2 pets.

2. Applicants must pay a non-refundable pet fee equal to one-half of one month’s rent, not to exceed $500.

3. Applicants must pay a $50 non-refundable pet inspection fee annually.

4. Applicants must accept the terms of a pet addendum to their lease.

5. For all dogs, the applicant must supply proof of a dog license, proof that shots are current, and a photo of

the dog.

6. For all cats, the applicant must provide proof of spaying/neutering, proof that shots are current, and a picture of the cat.

7. No aggressive breeds of dogs are permitted, including but not limited to: Akita, American Staff Terrier,

Boxer, Bull Staff, Chow Terrier, Doberman/Doberman Pincher, German Shepard, Great Dane, Husky, Mastiff, Pit

Bull/Any bull terrier, Presa Canario/Canary dog, Rottweiler, Wolf/dog hybrid, or a mix including any of the


8. No dogs weighing 75 pounds or more are accepted.

9. No more than 2 pets per unit will be allowed.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have an emotional support/service animal you will be required to provide your pet prescription, proof of shots, proof of spay or neuter, a picture of the pet and a copy of the pet license. A copy of a pet license will only be required if your support/service animal is a dog.

Expected Move-In Costs

The following are the expected move-in costs:

  • $100 Administration Fee ($100 for 14 day holding, $200 for 30 day holding)
  • Security Deposit (equal to 1 month’s rent if credit score is a 640 or above. If not, security deposit will be equal to 1.5 month’s rent)
  • Pro-rated Rent (+full following month’s full rent if moving on the 25th-31st of any month)
  • Pet Fee (if applicable)
  • Pet Rent (if applicable)
  • These fees are due at move-in.

If you have housing assistance, approval is subject to all the inspections and approvals necessary as per the Housing Assistance Agency.

Cosigner Requirements

The cosigner qualifications are:

  • At least a 640 credit score
  • Lives in the state of Michigan
  • Makes three times the amount of rent as gross income per month

If cosigner applicant has at least a 720 credit, that is all they need to qualify.

Adding/Removing Tenants

At United Properties, we want to make the process for adding/removing tenants from your current lease is as easy as possible for everyone involved. For this reason, we have set a procedure in place to make sure everything is done efficiently and to ensure we don’t miss anything along the way.

Step 1: Call the office at (616) 965-2300 or email to notify us about who you would like to remove/add to the lease.
Step 2: Once we receive confirmation of all parties of the add/remove, we will wait until we receive an application from the new prospect. (refer to the next step 5)
Step 3: If a current tenant is being removed from the lease, all tenants staying will need to provide updated proof of income to ensure the household still income qualifies for the property. The most recent pay-stub will suffice. If you are self-employed, we would need to see your tax returns from the previous year.
Step 4: Bring the completed forms and proof of income to our office located at 1348 Front Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504. Once here, you will make the payment to cover the Add/Remove Tenant Fee of $200. (Note: If you are adding/removing tenants 30-60 days prior to your lease renewal date, this fee will be waived)
Step 5: If adding new tenants on to your lease, have them apply at They will fill out the standard tenant application and pay the $45 fee online. The application fee is non-refundable.
Step 6: The add/remove form will be sent to the remaining tenants and/or any additional tenants that will be added to the lease agreement and payment and signatures from all parties are required prior to the add/remove being complete.
Please keep in mind, we do not handle partial distributions of security deposits when a tenant is leaving. The deposit remains with the household until all original leaseholders have vacated.
If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact the office at 616-965-2300.

Pre-Lease Properties

Please note – if the property you are applying for is one of our pre-lease units, we may contact you within a few months to renew early for the following year, if applicable. If you are unsure if the property is a pre-lease unit, please email us at

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