Esteban Largaespada - Marketing Director

Esteban Largaespada

About Esteban Largaespada


Director of Marketing

Esteban Largaespada is the Director of Marketing and resident techy at United Properties of West Michigan.

Esteban moved to Grand Rapids in February of 2016, armed with an extensive background in Search Engine Marketing, a less extensive background in branding & design, and no background in real estate & property management. Passionate about learning new things, he set about learning everything there is to know about Grand Rapids, real estate, and the rental property industry. He successfully added a Real Estate License to his qualifications in October of 2016, and was involved in 3 deals before retiring from Real Estate in December of 2016.

Esteban’s certifications include:

  • AdWords Certified for Search, Display & Mobile Advertising
  • Bing Ads Qualified Professional
  • Analytics Certified
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing & Email Marketing Certified
  • Real Estate License for the State of Michigan

His main goal is to make sure United Properties is easily found by property owners looking for the best property management & by tenants looking for a great place to live.