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Specialist in Residential Investment Property Renovation in Grand Rapids and West Michigan United Properties is the investor’s renovation company in Grand Rapids, remodeling investment properties in the greater West Michigan area. From installing a mail box, to lifting a house and repairing the foundation, and everything in between, United Properties is the renovation company in Grand Rapids with experience doing it. When it comes to Residential Property Investments there is nothing United Properties has not done.

Exceptional Service

United Properties is the service leader in Grand Rapids remodeling and maintenance for residential investment properties. We have years of experience in general maintenance, painting, flooring, windows replacement, kitchen remodeling, property upkeep and building improvements for single or multi-unit investment properties. Refer to ‘Jobs We Can Do‘ to see a list of Grand Rapids remodeling projects we have tackled.

Cost Effective Renovation

We understand your investment property is a business requiring budget control. As the Investment Property Renovation Company in Grand Rapids, United Properties has the experience to make cost effective recommendations, maximizing your investment dollar. We know the level of improvement that is necessary to make your property rent ready. Furthermore, we have eliminated the guess work by using only market tested colors, carpet, fixtures, counter tops, etc. for our projects. Our relationships and volume with our vendors allow us to keep costs down and provide outstanding results for your renovation. We understand quick turnaround on remodeling projects is just as critical to your investing success, in order to keep your property an income earning asset.

Residential Management Expertise

If you’re having challenges managing your properties, United Properties should be your first call – the Grand Rapids remodeling company with experience in residential property management. Our objective is to establish strategic alliances with real estate investors with a dedicated commitment to implementing a successful business plan for property investments in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. United Properties is a full service renovation company in Grand Rapids – licensed and insured in the State of Michigan.

Investment Consulting

As an OBJECTIVE consultant, we offer our experience and knowledge to evaluate potential investment properties, creating a budget or scope for the necessary repairs. Clients then have a TRUE and ACCURATE knowledge of the work to begin their project and maximize returns before investing. See Investors for more information about our investment services.

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