Loss Rent Shield

Don't wait until the unexpected strikes to protect yourself against the loss of rent.

Loss of rental income to your investment property due to a non-paying tenant can be a difficult hardship for many landlords to endure. As the leader in full service residential property management, United Properties goes to great lengths to screen and lease your property to reliable and responsible tenants, however; unforeseen life circumstances can impact even the best tenants’ ability to make their monthly rent payment at any time. To provide you with a level of protection and coverage that other property management companies do not provide, we are proud to offer the Loss Rent Shield.

For clients enrolled in the Loss Rent Shield, United Properties will pay you for the amount of unpaid rent, up to, but not exceeding the equivalent of three month’s rent as specified in the existing tenant lease agreement.

Affordable Rates:

arrow 1 month- 14% of one month’s rent
arrow 2 months- 25% of one month’s rent
arrow 3 month’s- 33% of one month’s rent

Enrollment in the Loss Rent Shield, is permitted for any new lease initiated and executed by United Properties at any time through the first 30 days of a new tenancy.

NOTE: If the property is currently rented/occupied when the management agreement is signed, then this program will not become effective until the start of the seventh month of United Properties being your rental property manager. The Loss Rent Shield is an optional benefit service offered to our clients/owners. This program does not cover eviction costs, damages, or cost of repair to, cleaning of, the property caused by the tenants, their animals, family, or guests. Loss of rents must be for cause and cannot be owner caused.

For more information about our Shield Services, and to take advantage of protections for your rental property, call us today at 616-965-2300