Investor FAQs

United Properties specializes in Kent County and western Ottawa Counties.

Yes, United Properties has investors throughout the United States, from California to Vermont, Texas to Michigan and internationally in Canada, China, France, Japan, UK and the Philippines – Manage the property, see our Management Services

  • United Properties will do as little or as much as you want us to
  • Understand your goals and objectives
  • Search for a property to buy
  • Look at a property you are buying through another broker to get our
  • opinion on if it is a good investment
  • Evaluate the condition of the property
  • Evaluate the market rent for the property
  • Put together an APOD for you
  • Take a video of the property and the areas that need work with a verbal
  • explanation of what you are looking at.
  • Broker the purchase for you
  • Remodel the property if need be
  • Manage the property, see our Management Services
  • Broker the sale of the property when you are ready to liquidate

Are you looking for long or short term investments?
What CAP rate do I want?
What ROI do I want?
How much money do you have to invest?

That is probably the most important question to have answered. Unfortunately, there are individuals or companies that do not have your interest as number one and Grand Rapids is no exception. We have been asked to look at properties that out of state investors have purchased to find that many of them needed major repairs and had serious housing code violations. United Properties will send you a detailed video of the good and the bad of any property you are considering to purchase or evaluate any property you currently own to give you an idea of visual problems from a housing code perspective. United Properties is not a �Licensed Home Inspector�

We do encourage you to do that for your piece of mind. Very few residential investors do that, but it is a great idea. United Properties can arrange for one to do the inspection.

This is a free service to you from United Properties as long as you hire United Properties to be the broker if you are purchasing or use us for the remodeling. We do require a $200.00 deposit to do a voice over video evaluation and estimate. If you use United Properties, the $200.00 is applied to the cost of the remodeling.

Yes, however if we look at 10 properties and you end up doing the 10th property with us all $2,000 will be applied to that project.

Keep in mind that we would have done a lot of due diligence before you would need this done on a property you would like to purchase. You would only want this done where the numbers look like they make sense. There is no charge to look at a property, figure a look and see estimate, do a market research as to the rent and put together an APOD to see if the numbers look like they meet your goals. If the numbers do not come anywhere close, the process stops you pay nothing. If the numbers look like they may work is where you may decide to use our services.

Many times we can find investment properties to fit your goal within a few weeks. However, it will depend on your goals, as an example we helped one investor purchase 6 houses and it took over a year.

This investor had a very specific goal and required a very high CAP rate. When we look at properties we try to anticipate worse case scenarios just like a bank would. This is for your protection in case the worse case happens. It is our experience, backed up by research, that the average time an investor is in the business is 2-1/2 years. The main reason this happens, is they are not making money and we do not want that to happen to you.