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Cascade Property Management

There’s a lot to know if you want to successfully manage your own properties in the West Michigan Area. Many people think, “I can do this on my own, I don’t need a professional property manager”. It seems so simple. But behind the scenes is an everchanging system of landlord laws, Michigan property management statutes, local building codes, housing codes and tenants’ rights.

As a licensed Michigan real estate broker, we work with a wide range of investors. Whether you are a first-time landlord or a well-seasoned investor, we can help put all the pieces in place and manage them successfully.

Many benefits for using United Properties for your Cascade Property Management needs:

  • Thorough Property Evaluation
  • Attraction of Qualified Tenants
  • Careful Tenant Screening and Selection
  • Tenant Education
  • Use of Comprehensive Legal Forms For Your Protection
  • Provision of Rent Collection Services
  • Complete Security Deposit Handling
  • Comprehensive Accounting Services
  • Periodic and Transitional Property Inspections
  • Repair Services and Maintenance Contracting

Because we are investors ourselves, we treat your property as we would our own AND we also look at property condition from a renter’s point-of-view. Preserving and maintaining the condition of your rental property is a critical piece of managing positive cash-flow on your investment.

Many of our clients also look to us when it’s time to rehab an existing rental property or a new investment property they have just acquired. Allowing United Properties to manage your rental home remodeling helps ensure that the money you spend will add value to your rental property and maximize the return on your investment.

For answers to all your questions see our extensive Property Management FAQ’s

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Cascade Information

Cascade is located approximately 10 miles southeast of Grand Rapids. The community is around the center of 28th street and Cascade road. The Thornapple River divides the town into east and west halves. Originally the town was part of Ada Township, but was separated in 1848.
There are many parks located in the Cascade area, such as Cascade Peace Park, Cascade Burton Park, Cascade Township Park, and Michael McGraw Park, to name a few. The community hosts a variety of events for residents and visitors, like the annual Fourth of July Celebration.